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9th Annual World Ocean Summit

9th annual World Ocean Summit

World Ocean Summit is the most important meeting of the oceans. Presidents, CEOs and activists like dr. Sylvia Earle and others are regulars.

Baby Sharks

How Real Baby Sharks Are Born

Shark species reproduce sexually in three possible ways, oviparous, viviparous and ovoviparous. Intrauterine cannibalism is a behavior that can be seen.


Seaspiracy: The seas are red!

Seaspiracy examines the fishing industry, sustainable fishing and how human actions cause environmental destruction of the oceans.

My Octopus teacher

Octopus wins Oscar

Oscar best Doc 2021 shows environmentalist diving for a year with an octopus, which shows intelligence, affection and affective memory

Dançarem satisfeitos entre os seus também será considerado Ataque? Foto de 3a Fiona Ayerst/Marine Photobank
Cientific Papers

Are there shark attacks after all?

Why does a shark bite happen? Attack, accident or incident? The term used makes the difference! The cause? Ecological imbalance. Always!