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UFF boat rots and goes to auction

Money thrown into litter at UFF: Purchased boat generated expenses for research but did not come out of the woods, and now it goes to auction


Were the gods sharks?

Sharks were once worshiped as gods by various peoples in antiquity, but nowadays they are demoniac. What happened to that?


World Water Day

On World Water Day, spread the waters of protection on your region and help the planet get healthier and preserve sharks!

O tubarão martelo complementa sua dieta de invertebrados com algas marinhas, tornando-o o primeiro tubarão onívoro conhecido. Crédito: Jay Fleming/Getty
Cientific Papers

The first Flexitarian shark?!

The Nature magazine discovers the first hammerhead bonnet shark that can feed on both seagrass and crustaceans

Cientific Papers

Smart sharks do learn!

Sharks are smart! Also intelligent and do learn, in addition to being able to maintain social relationships with other sharks.

Oficina artesanal voluntária Divers for Sharks


Waste reduction through recycling glass bottles and wooden crates can help the sharks, the planet and even make money!