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Help the sharks get back online!

Help the sharks get back online!

Dear Ocean Lovers...

We are excited to share an incredible opportunity to make a real difference in preserving our precious sharks and, by extension, the health of our oceans. As you know, here at the Divers for Sharks Campaign, we are dedicated to protecting these magnificent creatures and the marine ecosystem they call home.

However, today, we’re asking for your help in a slightly different way. The current Divers for Sharks Notebook broke at the screen joint, damaging the motherboard and unfortunately it cannot be repaired. As there is no possibility of stopping work or letting our guard down, we have already purchased another one and we need your support to cover the payment installments.

Your help to continue acting with due energy in favor of the oceans and defense not only of sharks, but of all marine beings, is essential!

And for that we need your engagement now. Being online isn’t just a work tool for us – it’s a tool for change.

Why is it important?

Shark conservation is crucial to the health of the oceans. As top predators, they play a fundamental role in balancing marine ecosystems. The loss of shark populations can trigger cascading imbalances, impacting everything from biodiversity to the local economy of coastal communities.

Our notebook will be a vital tool for coordinating our research, education and advocacy activities. With it, we will be able to improve our ability to collect and analyze data, communicate our findings and mobilize actions in favor of marine conservation.

How can you help?

Every contribution, no matter how small, will bring us closer to achieving our goal. With just a few clicks, you can be part of this crucial mission to protect sharks and the oceans. Your collaboration will not only allow us to acquire the necessary equipment, but will also strengthen our resolve and our ability to make a difference.

Be part of the change!

Join us on this journey to preserve sharks and the oceans for future generations. Every donation is a drop in the ocean of change – together, these drops can cause ripples of impact that reverberate across our blue planet.

Donate directly via PayPal using the button below, the link or scanning the QR Code:

Thank you for your continued support and for joining us in this important mission.

With gratitude,

Divers for Sharks Campaign Team.