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Help defend sharks, oceans and all marine life.

Bill Acker

Manta Ray Bay Resort & Yap Divers – Yap, Federated States of Micronesia. International diving instructor, resident on the island of Yap, Micronesia.

Greg Wilson

Cook Islands Divers – Rarotonga, Cook Islands.

Sven Taapken

Adelaide, Australia – Diver, activist and resident in Australia, he is an ardent follower of Divers for Sharks on social media and a strong debater on topics about sharks and marine environmental preservation.

Júlia Both Palazzo

Melbourne Australia – Visual artist, painter of super panels and urban murals, she is the creator of the Divers for Sharks logo. Currently resident in Australia.

Raquel Rossa

UberModel, biologist, photojournalist and diver. – Affectionately known as Shark Lady in the midst of diving and marine environmental preservation, Raquel has been a great supporter and volunteer of Divers for Sharks since its foundation. Today he lives around the world fighting for the preservation of the seas through art, photos and activism too.

Leo Gaucho

Diver, marine activist and walking towards veganism.
He met Divers for Sharks through social media and in the fight for the preservation of the environment, Leo is always present in the events that Divers for Sharks participates in the state of Rio de Janeiro.

Rafaela Fagundes

Graduated in law and passionate about eco tourism, she dedicates herself and supports the Divers for Sharks and Dives Campaign as a tool for marine preservation. Traveling is in your blood and activism in your DNA.

Leandro Mello Frota

Partner at Mello Frota Advocacia and Associate at Minister Nilson Naves’ Office in Brasília.
PhD student in Natural Resources and Environmental Protection at the Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro.
MBA in Agribusiness from USP
Director of OAB RJ
President of the Special Oceans Governance Commission of OAB RJ.
He was Legal Director of Instituto Liberal
Millennium Institute Specialist
Lecturer and columnist in newspapers and specialized magazines.
Professor of Environmental Law at Emerj (Rio de Janeiro State Magistracy School).

He defends Divers for Sharks in two current lawsuits and was honored on the merits by defending the co-founder of Divers for Sharks.

Become a volunteer

Want to help preserve the sharks?
Then click on the button below and join the Diver for Sharks team!

Become a volunteer

Want to help preserve the sharks?
Then click on the button below and join the Diver for Sharks team!