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Speak up in defense of the oceans!

Deep Sea mining the oceans will destroy the ocean floor and make the ocean floor barren and lifeless. Fight against it and sign the Petition!

Cookie Sharks!
Cientific Papers

Cookie, Biscuit or Cigar Shark?!

One of the smallest sharks is not an apex predator, but a parasite of large animals, being one of the least known and living in depth.

Cientific Papers

Heat is creating ghost reefs

A URFN study shows how global warming impacts Brazil’s coral reefs and shows that by 2050 they will collapse. But you can help!

9th Annual World Ocean Summit

9th annual World Ocean Summit

World Ocean Summit is the most important meeting of the oceans. Presidents, CEOs and activists like dr. Sylvia Earle and others are regulars.

Baby Sharks

How Real Baby Sharks Are Born

Shark species reproduce sexually in three possible ways, oviparous, viviparous and ovoviparous. Intrauterine cannibalism is a behavior that can be seen.