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Domínios do Deus Tubarão e Sereia Marina

The Shark God of Ilha Grande Bay, RJ – Brazil

A long time ago, in the depths of the seas of Angra dos Reis, there existed a majestic being feared by all: the Shark God. His skin was as dark as night, and his fins cut through the waters with dexterity. They said he was the guardian of coral reefs and the protector of sailors. The Shark God lived alone in an underwater cave, where currents gently rocked him. He watched the schools of colorful fish dancing among the corals

Ajude agora!

Help the sharks get back online!

Help the sharks replace their broken notebook with a new one and remain always present and increasingly agile in the virtual world


UFF boat rots and goes to auction

Money thrown into litter at UFF: Purchased boat generated expenses for research but did not come out of the woods, and now it goes to auction