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Drilling threatens Fernando de Noronha

Drilling threatens Fernando de Noronha

Suffering in paradise

If there is still a place in Brazil that can be called paradise, pristine, certainly the oceanic archipelago of Fernando de Noronha is one of the very few of those places. It is not by chance that it is a World Heritage Site, this paradise is still well preserved, with firm preservation protocols such as restricting the number of people and the maximum length of stay for tourists on the island, as well as the maximum and  number of combustion vehicles. It can really be said that it is an area of ​​the highest environmental importance that resists environmental degradation – and industrial interests without environmental responsibility – with all its strength.

Instituto Internacional ARAYARA – ARAYARA.ORG
Instituto Internacional ARAYARA – ARAYARA.ORG

But unfortunately from time to time some degrading monster appears casting its shadow over this beautiful island. And not for the first time, the threat comes again comes in disguised need and false dependence on fossil fuels in our society. That’s right, underwater drilling for oil and gas extraction once again threatens Fernando de Noronha’s ecological balance.

Big eye pointed at the bottom of the sea

Anyone who has been following the environment in Brazil for a long time, knows very well that there is a piercing industrial monster that seems to live in a tower in Brasilia and that lives like a King Kong of evil, at the top of the tower with binoculars watching over which preserved areas are careless or neglected. And when he finds it, he points out all his political bureaucratic monetary weapons in this area, triggering pseudo-legal measures and auctions to create lots of oil prospecting offered for sale. Abrolhos, Atol das Rocas and now Noronha, now and then become targets of this money mining machine.

Foto ResearchGate - Atol das Rocas e Fernando de Noronha
Foto ResearchGate – Atol das Rocas e Fernando de Noronha

And the most absurd is that Fernando de Noronha had everything to be an exemplary model of preservation and good examples, such as clean, wind and solar energy, electric cars and motorbikes, in addition to other initiatives showing the rest of Brazil the direction of the future.

I have already been to Noronha a few times and there it is still one of the few places in Brazil, and unfortunately in the world too, where we can be relatively sure of seeing sharks swimming calmly in their natural environment. Despite the old practice of “Bolinho de Tubalhau”- shark meat croquette -, which seems to have finally ended … Can any recent visitor to the island confirm this? Notify us!

Unfortunately this nefarious initiative came from the National Petroleum Agency, ANP, which is forecasting an auction of the prospecting area for October and is being legally opposed by the Instituto Internacional Arayara, which filed a public civil action in the Federal Court of Pernambuco (JFPE), based in Recife , in order to suspend the auction.

Understand the battle

And all this despite the technical note from the Chico Mendes Institute for Biodiversity Conservation (ICMBio), available on the page of the 17th round of the ANP, stating that the inclusion of this area is “reckless” because of its proximity to Noronha and Atol das Rocas, both nurseries natural.
Instituto Internacional Arayara
Instituto Internacional Arayara
Divers for Sharks joins forces with the voice of the Instituto Arayara in defense of the sea of ​​Fernando de Noronha and the Biological Reserve of Atol das Rocas, not far from the area as well and which could also suffer serious damage in the event of a leak.