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Seaspiracy: The seas are red!

Seaspiracy: The seas are red!

It's already making you think and causing controversy!

It is already almost two months of release of this documentary. And it is already causing a wave of conspiracy against itself. Several branches of the fishing industry, the market sector and even some tourist restaurants, are seriously criticizing the documentary and claiming that the information is posted randomly and without proof, or even that they are false data and images. For me the film is correct, what it shows is simply what has been happening in the world for a long time and the simple presence of the activists Gary Stokes and Silvia Earle already attest to the veracity and reliability of the information! And if that is not enough, now The Beatle Sir Paul McCartney is the one who comes in defense of SeasPiracy. So let’s go to Doc!

The Seas are Red

This is the translation that the Internet Movie Database gives to the movie Seaspiracy, released on March 24 on the Netflix service. If the adapted literal translation would be Conspiracy at Sea, on the other hand we can combine the two translations for a more correct explanatory title as “Industrial Conspiracy for the destruction of the world’s seas”
Netflix Seaspiracy
Netflix Seaspiracy

Directed and starring Ali Tabrizi alongside great personalities in the world preservation, such as Richard O’Barry, my personal friend and partner of Divers for Sharks and founder of Ocean Asia Gary Stokes, one of the captains of Sea Shepherd vessels Peter Hammarstedt and several other crew members of their boats, this documentary has been causing a real furor among marine environmental activists.

Passion for the seas motivated production

The documentary shows a filmmaker passionate about life in the oceans, who sets out to document the damage that humans do to marine species – and discovers alarming global corruption. Since he was a child, he walked on beaches to remove plastics and dispose of this garbage correctly. And for this type of pollution of the oceans he decides to produce a documentary to expose and explain this serious problem. However, the film is much deeper in the marine cause than one imagines and reaches even the most involved with the cause.
Beginning with investigations and exposure of whale hunting and killing in Japan, it ends up showing how all branches of industrial fishing are literally killing our waters and endangering the health and future of the planet.

The effects of human pressure on the planet

The film shows and explains the human impacts on all marine life, such as the plastic already mentioned, ghost nets and overfishing, proving that this is the main cause of the destruction of the oceans. It also demonstrates that there is no way to carry out sustainable fishing at any level. It criticizes the so-called sustainable seals, such as the Dolphin Safe seals of the Earth Island Institute or the sustainable seafood seals of the Marine Stewardship Council. In addition, it criticizes several initiatives to cover up the environmental impact of fishing and corruption in the fishing industry.

The film advocates marine reserves and the elimination of fish consumption. It exposes criminal dolphin hunting in Taiji, whales in the Faroe Islands and modern slavery within the fishing industry in Thailand.

Not even sharks can escape

The documentary also shows the killing of sharks using only the fins, the so-called finning, which is driving these animals to extinction.

Barbatana de tubarão em mercado
Barbatana de tubarão em mercado
It is certainly a film for those who have a strong stomach and a great desire to understand what happens in the real world, in the ends of the oceans, where our heads with feet on the ground cannot see.
If you haven’t seen it yet. And if you’ve seen it, don’t let the indignation, anger and desire for justice that you must have felt during and after the film fade away. Use these feelings as fuel to fight for our planet and make a difference in the world for all future generations, both human and of all other animals and also plants. Be also a citizen defending the oceans.
Not sure how? Join Divers for Sharks NOW in the fight to defend the seas, sharks, oceans and all marine life by becoming an affiliate here. The oceans and sharks need YOU!