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Warning to navigators: Shark in sight!

Warning to navigators: Shark in sight!

Where was the shark supposed to be?

It would be comical if it weren’t for the tragic news we received here at Divers for Shark about the notice published by Condomínio Casas do Sauipe warning the population about the danger when entering the sea, as fishermen reported the capture of sharks in the area. This statement is total nonsense. Sharks exist and inhabit the waters of our planet since long before humans appeared, let alone go to the beach. In fact, they exist longer than trees on the face of the earth. And the great truth is that those who are at risk are these magnificent animals. Yes, most species of sharks and rays, their cousins, are threatened with extinction.
Condomínio Casas do Sauipe
Condomínio Casas do Sauipe

Listen to a very sober audio about the case here, in Brazilian portuguese:

As for the sighting, it should be a reason to publicize the good, with a call for divers and researchers to go to the region and try to see it too, generating tourism, income and research. Yes, we need research and data on sharks as Brazil is a total denial at this point with no data on fishing even more of sharks. When I said that sharks inhabit our waters, I didn’t mean salty on purpose, because there are sharks that go up rivers and into lakes, having already been found at the Amazon River near Manaus, for example.

More dangerous is the coconut on the beach

One of the sharks referred to is a baby tiger shark cub, and the other an adult of the same species, fished in the high seas and dragged tied to the fishing boat to the beach. That is, not even in the condominium area or on the beach he was sighted/fished. Some groups of divers friends, all wanted more details and to know if and when they could dive to try to see these magnificent animals. So it is. I won’t say it was fake news, because there were really sharks in the place, as it should be much more normal, by the way, but the fear, the danger? More dangerous and likely than a shark incident is dying from getting up and falling out of bed or having head trauma from a coconut falling on your head on the beach.
Filhote de tubarão tigre

Reverse lottery

The point is that getting to spot a shark is already becoming increasingly rare, and incident then, is a lottery in reverse. Everyone who steps into the waters of the sea is buying a ticket for this draw. Every now and then an unlucky one is drawn and has the weirdest encounter with the shark and incidents happen.
Watch local television talking about the case:
Divers for Sharks declares once again that it is against any form of fishing for sharks and rays, as well as the killing of any and all endangered species and asks the general population not to be scared or stop going to the beaches. just because a shark was sighted. If the place is frequented by interactions, such as Recife in particular, always follow the above rules and when in doubt, ask the lifeguards or firefighters in the region for guidance.
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