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World Water Day

World Water Day

Water Planet
Water Planet

Is water just H2O?

Commemorative dates usually have a serious intention of some entity behind them. The Valentine’s, for example, aims to increase sales in commerce. Whether you’re romantic and ignore the ploy or not, it’s impossible to deny the interest behind the date. Others have philanthropic purposes, such as World Food Day/Fighting Hunger, October 16th. The fact is that on these dates there is always a mobilization of the good in favor of the cause.

Well, today is World Water Day! The date was established by the United Nations (UN) in 1993 with the purpose of alerting the population about the need to preserve the resource to ensure the survival of all ecosystems in the world.
And what do the people of the world do on this day? To say that we drink water in celebration would be pretty funny. Perhaps the richest and most powerful on the planet, who can change the world, drink champagne instead of water. In fact, very likely.

A day to give to the waters

And what does it has to do with you? What do you do for the waters of our planet? Is there a beach, lake, river, swamp, fountain or similar near where you live? Even if you say no, there is almost certainly an underground aquifer or river. No?! Are you sure? But some of the aerial rivers are certainly close by or that influence your region, there’s no denying that!
You must already be wondering where I want to go. It’s in the title! And you with that?! Ask yourself this question with all the honesty and time that the topic deserves. What have you been doing effectively to protect our planet’s waters?
A connection that we ALL have not only with the waters, but with the oceans is, after all, close to you, in the manhole of your street. This is a door that is sure to give at some point in the oceans. Now we are starting to see more clearly the physical connection that we all have. And at the same time, we can think of MANY actions that can make a difference in protecting our rivers, seas and oceans.
Flying rivers
Flying rivers

Wanna win a Shark?!

Divers for Sharks will then launch a challenge to everyone, which we will then put to a vote on our social media and the winner will win a Divers for Sharks Shark Kit, consisting of a shirt, hat, keychain, and mini plush shark!

The rules are:

  • Take action on behalf of the oceans (examples, collect trash from the beach, remove debris from the sewer cover, etc.)
  • Videotape the action explaining why you do it and saying it’s in partnership with Divers for Sharks
  • Post to your social media with #DiversForSharks
  • Cite Divers for Sharks in said media in text or comments
  • Send a link to until April 20th
  • On May 1st we will put the most viewed ones to a vote
  • On May 10th we will announce the winner and send the prize by post (only valid for Brazil)!
  • If you are from outside Brazil but want to compete, the value of the international shipment must be donated to Divers for Sharks for shipping.
Let’s help the sharks and the waters of our oceans on this very special day!

But what about today?!

If you can help sharks NOW, please join us below and take part:
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