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Bull Shark is captured in Florida (USA)

Bull Shark is captured in Florida (USA)

A group of three fishermen caught a Bull Shark while fishing on the beach in Navarra, Florida, United States. on the first weekend after the beaches reopened since they were closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. The shark was towed to the coast, where bathers posed for photos and videos.

In the video, it is possible to see people approaching the 1.80m animal to take pictures, while it is still struggling. This is a very objectionable practice, since they are wild animals and the approach, combined with the stress of the shark, could cause an accident with this Bull Shark.

According to reports, the shark was returned to the sea after the incident. See the moment when people approach the animal to take pictures.

With Fox Information.

“Unfortunately as long as these essential animals for the environment are more popular in ‘selfies’ than alive in the oceans, humans will continue to destroy the planet for their selfishness and morbid pleasure in killing by trophies.” (Paulo Guilherme Pinguim)