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Discover the Divers For Sharks YouTube channel

Discover the Divers For Sharks YouTube channel

Divers For Sharks needs to increase the reach of its messages in the fight to preserve sharks and rays. Therefore, we are inviting our followers to be subscribers to our YouTube channel. It’s a simple way for you to contribute to our cause and still watch videos to understand how we operate. So far, we are just over 300 people, but we need to grow.

On the YouTube channel of Divers For Sharks, you will find videos interviews, videos of events we participated in, as well as content on preservation, expeditions, among others. Soon, we will be doing some live streams to chat with you. It is important to call on all friends to engage in this cause.

Below, five videos that are on our channel:

Divers for Sharks na CMS 2020

É hora do mar

Dive Show Brasil

Mergulho em naufrágio em Recife

Santuários de Baleias no Atlântico Sul

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