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Categoria: Cientific Papers

Categoria: Cientific Papers

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O tubarão martelo complementa sua dieta de invertebrados com algas marinhas, tornando-o o primeiro tubarão onívoro conhecido. Crédito: Jay Fleming/Getty
Cientific Papers

The first Flexitarian shark?!

The Nature magazine discovers the first hammerhead bonnet shark that can feed on both seagrass and crustaceans

Cientific Papers

Smart sharks do learn!

Sharks are smart! Also intelligent and do learn, in addition to being able to maintain social relationships with other sharks.

Cientific Papers

UN Decade on Ocean Science

UN discusses oceanic preservation agenda in PUCPR article in which the co-founder of Divers for Sharks is cited.

Cookie Sharks!
Cientific Papers

Cookie, Biscuit or Cigar Shark?!

One of the smallest sharks is not an apex predator, but a parasite of large animals, being one of the least known and living in depth.

Cientific Papers

Heat is creating ghost reefs

A URFN study shows how global warming impacts Brazil’s coral reefs and shows that by 2050 they will collapse. But you can help!

Dançarem satisfeitos entre os seus também será considerado Ataque? Foto de 3a Fiona Ayerst/Marine Photobank
Cientific Papers

Are there shark attacks after all?

Why does a shark bite happen? Attack, accident or incident? The term used makes the difference! The cause? Ecological imbalance. Always!