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Octopus wins Oscar

Octopus wins Oscar

In a ceremony that is usually extremely full of stars, with a lot of parties, cocktails, shows and music, watching the Oscars presentation even though live and in person, but in a restricted way due to the Pandemic, it was strange, not to say frustrating for those who like lights, glamor and cinema.
If Nomadland, Anthony Hopkins and Francis McDormand were the main winners, I and I think that a large majority of divers and environmentalists were much more concerned with the octopus present among the competitors. It’s okay that many people don’t even know that the category of Best Documentary exists, but this made us apprehensive.
My Octopus Teacher

It was with great happiness that I saw the documentary “My Octopus Teacher – Professor Polvo” taking the statuette in its category.

In the film, the founder of the non-governmental environmental organization Open Sea Project, which is also a diver in South Africa, dives for a year in the forest of kelps (a type of very large algae) in the South African sea during almost all dives meets an octopus living in the area, with whom he develops bonds and starts to be accompanied by him in his dives and also to follow and observe his new friend, seeing and registering signs of intelligence and even very impressive affection on the part of the octopus.

Many people do not know that I am a vegan, that is, I do not consume any product or service that promotes suffering to animals. This means not eating meat, poultry, fish, eggs, milk or honey. Besides not using leather and etc. Watching this documentary I hope that more people will start to look at octopuses as intelligent, affectionate and affectionate living beings, and not as a seafood dish.

It deserved the award for best documentary of 2021 and it deserves to be seen by those who have not seen it. To do so, simply search on the Netflix streaming channel.

The documentary lasts 1h25min and is directed by Pippa Ehrlich (@the_rewilding) | James Reed | @seachangeproject

My Octopus Teacher

If you also like the octopus and other marine animals, which are suffering serious threats of extinction in the seas of the world, due to overfishing, pollution and global warming, join Divers for Sharks using the button below !