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Speak up in defense of the oceans!

Speak up in defense of the oceans!


Nothing so bad that can't get worse

If even today a large portion of the population does not know about the smallest part of the environmental problems that the oceans suffer, there are new problems every day.

If you’re not a regular reader of our blog, keep reading the previous articles to learn more about problems such as plastic pollution, marine litter, shark killings and ocean acidity.

One of the problems that few people know about and that can be considered new is the mining of the oceans in search of metals and other valuable elements. When we say mining, think about it, a mine of gold, silver, copper, niobium and so on. Imagine an old movie, with a mine being dug in a mountain, a big hole with a rail of carts going in, potholed walls and people all dirty with pickaxes digging deeper and deeper into the mine in search of ore.

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The deeper we go, the worse it gets

Offshore rare metal mining is the new industrial frontier and will have devastating implications for the marine environment threatening not only critical ecosystems but also the global fight against climate collapse.
At first all you can do is join the petition below, created by John Hourston to put pressure on Michael Lodge (Secretary-General, International Seabed Authority). It doesn’t take a minute and depending on the number of people who sign it, we could make a big difference! Just click on the link and sign. Below is the text translated into Portuguese.