Divers for Sharks lends its words to international conferences!

Divers for Sharks lends its words to international conferences!

The ones how has been following us for some time must have missed my writings. So here I am returning with full force to write and for this post I will remember for some and present to others, the documents that Divers for Sharks has already taken and continues to take to international meetings where the theme of ocean, sharks or nature are discussed !

Our first publication was this one in the image and links below, with a circulation of 2000 copies in English only, to be distributed at Cites (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora ) 2013 in Bangkok, Thailand, where Divers for Sharks made its first international presentation and fought from the plenary to approve the inclusion of hammerhead sharks and manta rays in the protection appendices of this entity.
Download below ..

We spent days and days lobbying and putting pressure on the chairman of plenary to let us speak in defense of the sharks, but we only managed in the 45 minutes of the second half, in favor of the manta rays. Here is the video of our intervention, written by Truda and read by me in plenary.

To our great delight, of the 4 proposals to increase the preservation of condrictes (sharks, rays and chimeras), they were all approved!

More below, the manifesto has now been translated into Portuguese for download. We intend to publish a bilingual edition but we lack resources, if you want to help and sponsor this publication, please contact us!


Next week there will be another video with a summary of our participation at Cites 2013 in Bangkok.

Yo Ho and here we go!

Pinguim Paulo Guilherme Alves Cavalcanti
Co-founder Divers for Sharks
CEO Onda Azul Marine Study Center