India will host the 13th. Conference of the Parties of the Convention on the Conservation of Migratory Species of Wild Animals. Divers For Sharks is one of the organizations invited to the event, which takes place February 15-22, 2020. But to get there and represent the advocates of marine life, we will need your help. So we decided to create a kitty.

We want to be there to sign a Cooperation Agreement with the Sharks MoU, the CMS International Agreement on Shark Conservation. The Convention is one of the United Nations (UN) bodies in which the international protection of migratory species, ie species that transit throughout their life through several different countries, is discussed and implemented. In the case of our sharks and rays we have several threats such as finning, predatory fishing and ocean pollution. Our participation in the Sharks MoU will allow us to increase our effectiveness in the defense of these animals and to support CMS actions for their greater protection as official partners of the Convention.

To help, simply access this page with all the information. Anyone who wants can still donate via PayPal. Let’s go together!