Wobbegong Membership

Would you spare JUST ONE DOLLAR PER MONTH to help save sharks?

Then our Wobbegong Membership is for you!

Fotografia por João Paulo Krajewski

Fotografia por João Paulo Krajewski

Since 2010 Divers for Sharks has strived to contribute to help protect sharks, rays and our shared ocean heritage through educational and policy action that has taken us to classrooms in the hinterlands of Brazil and to international meetings in Korea, Thailand and other countries around the globe.

Unlike big NGOs, we are a small band of volunteers based in a developing country and can only count on concerned peoples´ contributions to keep going. From crayons to airfare, everything we spend on doing our campaigning is not coming from a regular fat budget, but scraped from our supporters´ donations. Many big wealthy funding entities don´t like us because we don´t pay lip service to governments or corporations, we call them names when we think it´s needed and deserved, and we don´t “respect authorities” who criminally contribute to environmental devastation.

For 2015 and beyond we would like to do much more. We need to hire a lawyer to sue the Brazilian government and try to stop the legal (!) shark fin exports to Asia, and ban shark fishing from federally (supposedly) protected areas; we want to attend the Palau Shark Week and launch there a major mobilizing international initiative aimed at the diving community, the International Ecotourism Congress, DEMA Show (the largest dive industry gathering on Earth) and many other meetings to spread the word, mobilize and if needed raise hell about the plight of sharks and oceans. We want to be able to double our number of talks and booths at schools and university gatherings around Brazil, and we want to be able to print and distribute more awareness material.

We can only do that if we increase our number of donors. So we thank you for considering becoming a Wobbegong Member (we have chosen the wobbegong because it´s a resilient kind of shark pretty widespread from temperate to tropical waters in the Western Pacific, symbolizing our hopes of being far-reaching in our actions!) and donating JUST ONE DOLLAR A MONTH to help us continue our work.

If you can become a D4S Member in another category and contribute more, we will be grateful of course! But instead if you would like to give us a one-time donation of any value, we would very much appreciate it too. Also, if you can´t contribute financially at this time, that´s OK, but please continue to help us spread the word about shark and ocean conservation in any way you can!

THANK YOU for helping us help stem the tide of destruction of our unique, threatened global ocean!

Paulo “Pinguim” & José Truda Palazzo, for Divers for Sharks

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